ABOUT Radiocomm

Acentury, under the Radiocomm brand, provides RF components with an industry leading extra low PIM (-165 dBc) and the new 4.3-10 and NEX10 connectors. They are currently used with 4G and 5G wireless networks for both outdoor and in-building applications. Radiocomm also produces coaxial cable solutions for low PIM jumpers and high-frequency phase stable cable assemblies. Our comprehensive product portfolios include both general and PIM rated passive components and cables. Common models include:

  1. Filters
  2. Splitters and Signal Tappers
  3. Couplers
  4. Wideband Combiners
  5. Narrow Band Combiners/ Multiplexers: Diplexer, Triplexer, 5-plexer, etc.
  6. Termination loads and Attenuators
  7. Low PIM jumper cable and phase stable test cable assemblies

Through our years of dedication, experience, and expertise in the RF industry, Radiocomm has gained the reputation for its superior performance, quality, short lead time, cost-effectiveness and customization services. We help our service provider, infrastructure equipment manufacturer, installer and system integrator customers meet their complex and dynamic requirements, improve the network performance and reliability, and reduce the equipment expenditure and labor costs.


Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4x4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve increasing interference issues.

The components cover the 4G spectrum of 600 MHz to 5G frequency bands. There are 350 MHz to 6 GHz support currently available for terminations, splitters, and tappers. Support for attenuators and couplers to be delivered in Q4 2018.

Radiocomm works with the clients to listen to their requirements and provides customized solutions with industry-leading turn-around lead times. Engineers will provide detailed specifications within 3 to 5 business days and testing samples within 6 weeks.

Radiocomm components provide a best-in-industry cost versus performance matrix. Loyal customers include North American tier 1 and 2 service providers, OEMs, enterprises, general contractors, system integrators, educational institutions, and government departments. References furnished upon request.

A warranty period of one year is offered. There have been no failures or returns with the thousands of components deployed by North American carriers. Radiocomm is the only vendor in the industry to provide a manufacturing test report for each component that is delivered.