About Us

Radiocomm, a division of Acentury Inc., founded in 2007, designs and supplies high performance passive RF components and cable assemblies for the wireless industry.  Our comprehensive product portfolios include both general and low PIM grades and are widely used for cellular towers and in-building DAS systems as well as in the wireless research and development labs.  Common models include:

  1. Filters
  2. Diplexers, tri-plexers and 5-plexers
  3. Splitters and combiners
  4. Signal tappers
  5. Couplers
  6. Terminations load and attenuators
  7. Jumper cables and testing cables assemblies

Through our years of dedication, experience and expertise in the RF industry, Radiocomm has gained the reputation for its superior performance, quality, short lead time, cost effectiveness and customization services.  We help our service provider, infrastructure equipment manufacturer, installer and system integrator customers meet their complex and dynamic requirements, improve the network performance and reliability, and reduce the equipment expenditure and labor costs.

All the Radiocomm PIM graded components are integrated with IBWAVE platform.  Each individual component is tested and tracked by a serial number and manufacturing testing report for production quality control and for future reference.

Our mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture RF components products with our commitment to meeting the highest quality standards through our development, manufacturing processes and technical support.  We are striving to be the leading global supplier in wireless communications and to achieve continuous growth with sustainable profit through a “win win” business model with our global customers.